Max Kulik

Max Kulik

The Definitive Guide to Running MacOS in Proxmox

Learn how to run MacOS inside of Proxmox with and w/out a Mac. This article also provides pre-built MacOS images for use in Proxmox!

My Home-Lab | Update 2

It has been a while since I had documented updates

Change SharePoint Migration Tool Temporary Storage Directory

Introduction When setting up an Azure network and migration your

45Drvies HL15 - My First Impression

I got my HL15 today! I bought the case only

Self-Host The Ultimate Web Analytics Dashboard - Swetrix

Introduction One of the first things that you ever try

Complete List of AdBlock Testing Tools

Introduction This is a list I have collected of tools

Transmission Killswitch Script

Introduction I collect most of my “linux ISO’s” using

Themes for Apache Guacamole Terminal

Introduction This page is a collection of terminal themes that

Remove Twitter Blue Promotion Buttons 2023

❗This post is currently obsolete. Up-to-date code can be found

Install PNPM on Alpine Linux 3.17

Introduction PNPM is often times used alongside NPM when building