A collection of websites that I have built or worked on in some way. Each section is a showcase of the website and the technologies used to build it.

Pole Factory MKE

Pole Factory MKE is a dance studio located in Downtown Milwaukee. This site hosts a suite of features to allow customers to buy into classes on a set schedule by the studio owner. Much of the initial design work and framework were assembled by myself. This site is hosted by KLabsDev servers currently. Pole Factory MKE’s site also utilizes Twilio’s SMS API to send text alerts to its customers. In addition to SMS alerts, e-mails to update customers on their class schedule are also utilized with SMTP under Seninblue’s API proxied through Cloudflare. Then payments are accepted under the Stripe API. The website framework is based on WordPress.

Blueline Auto Sales and Service

Blue Line Auto Sales and Service is a local car wholesaler local to the Metro Milwaukee Area. Their website needs to require a listing service to allow their employee’s the ability to post and list their current inventory of vehicles for sale. This was handled with a MySQL database and the WordPress framework. This website is also proxied through Cloudflare to cache images and speed up loading time since each listing had 10+ images. This website is still hosted and managed by KLabsDev.

USI Drilling

USI Drilling is an underground boring company servicing Southeastern Wisconsin. They were looking for a website that would be a beautiful front for customers to clearly see what services were offered by their company. There was a simple contact form that used PHP mail() to send quote requests to employees. This was a WordPress website that utilized some responsive CSS. This website is no longer hosted by KLabsDev so a Wayback is used for the site link.

Stickem' Stickers

Stickem’ Stickers was a decal website that was designed to be a simple and easy-to-use website for customers to purchase stickers. The site was built with PHP and MySQL. This site is no longer hosted by KLabsDev so it’s stored on my Archive host. This site was unique in that it was a static hard corded HTML-based site that used a custom WordPress framework to handle sticker inventory and PoS. Each category of stickers had its unique page that used iframes to display custom WordPress content for the interactive sticker browser. Users never actually went to a WordPress page. The pages showed a stripped-down WordPress page that was very fast and the user never needed to load a new page when browsing the inventory.

Urban Turtles

UrbanTurtles is a simple hard coded HTML website. It was an early project that I worked on with a friend. It was a fun project to work on and I learned a lot about HTML and CSS. This site is no longer hosted by KLabsDev so it’s stored on my Archive host. This was a static HTML website.


TropiCraft was not the first, but a very early hard-coded website that was created for one of my first public-hosted services - a Minecraft server. This website is no longer in use but is archived on a free host so that it can still be visited. TropiCraft was a responsive HTML-based website that also used some embedded Microsoft Silverlight features to show interactive 360° images of the inside of the server. TropiCraft also utilized a MySQL server and a phpBB forum for it’s users to communicate with each other outside of the game.