Midwest Gaming Classic - Halo CE LAN Party

Midwest Gaming Classic - Halo CE LAN Party

Thanks for checking out the Halo CE Lan party, provided by Kulik Labs Development! Below are some of the Rules and information regarding the Halo CE.

This post is for the Midwest Gaming Classic in Milwaukee WI during April 4th - April 7th. This one of many LAN party events that will be hosted at the Wisconsin Center over the weekend.

The Setup

Each laptop is running the latest version of Ubuntu Linux w/Nvidia drivers installed if applicable. In addition to this they are running the Lutris Launcher and are using this version of Halo CE. The Lutris site allows for a very easy one-click install to play. The version I am using still requires a CD key.

In order to have multiple users to connect to a server (LAN or Online) you will need to make sure that each person playing has their own CD key.

The installed Mods/Fixes are the following:

LAN Rules

  • Do NOT change the default key bindings. If you do, please let someone know to re-set your profile when you are done.
  • Please try to keep your play sessions less than 30 mins to allow for everyone to have a chance to play.
  • Have fun!

Q & A

Q: Can I change the key binds?

A: Yes but do not

Q: My laptop is frozen!

A: Press the "start" button on the laptop and click back into the game. It should fire back up.

Q: The server has stopped working or I got removed from the game.

A: Call or Text xxx-xxx-xxxx for game support.