I am a full-time Systems Administrator and a tech hobbyist. When I am not busy ensuring the servers are healthy, I am at home testing new tech, building my own servers, and keeping up-to-date on new tech trends.

I entered the digital world when I was very young and always had an obsessive fascination with the internet of things. I have worked with microcontrollers, bare metal servers, hypervisors, networking equipment, web servers, DNS providers, and a slew of programming languages.

To continue to build my skills I run a home-lab. My first server started as an old Celeron server with 4Gb of ram running Ubuntu server to my current Xeon fueled server rack powered build that is populated by a full suite of virtualized workloads - stored on a 100TB home NAS. Not to mention the slew of cloud-deployed services I manage.

My current server rack. Housed in a retro Compaq 7000 Series rack.