Themes for Apache Guacamole Terminal

Themes for Apache Guacamole Terminal


This page is a collection of terminal themes that can be used by Apache Guacamole. I will add more here as I come across them. Not all these themes may be be created by myself. Credit will give given when possible.


Nord Style Theme -

background: rgb:2E/34/40;
foreground: rgb:D8/DE/E9;
color0: rgb:3B/42/52;
color1: rgb:BF/61/6A;
color2: rgb:A3/BE/8C;
color3: rgb:EB/CB/8B;
color4: rgb:81/A1/C1;
color5: rgb:B4/8E/AD;
color6: rgb:88/C0/D0;
color7: rgb:E5/E9/F0;
color8: rgb:4C/56/6A;
color9: rgb:BF/61/6A;
color10: rgb:A3/BE/8C;
color11: rgb:EB/CB/8B;
color12: rgb:81/A1/C1;
color13: rgb:B4/8E/AD;
color14: rgb:8F/BC/BB;
color15: rgb:EC/EF/F4;

Looking to add more themese later. I found this one and wanted to add it to my docs so I wont forget.

Thanks for reading!

Written By: Max Kulik