Remove Twitter Blue Promotion Buttons 2023

Remove Twitter Blue Promotion Buttons 2023
This post is currently obsolete. Up-to-date code can be found on the original GitHub gist link posted below.


This is a super simple and easy way to remove the Twitter Blue promo buttons. This is designed to work with a Desktop Browser addon like Tamermonkey.

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Step 1) Start off by installing the Tampermonkey addon for whatever browser you use.

Step 2) Once installed, enter the Tampermonkey dashboard by clicking on the extension's icon.
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Step 3) Next, head over to angeld23's Github post with the script we need.

Step 4) Copy the entire codeblock into a new Tampermoneky userscript. Save it.
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You can now browse Twitter free of any buttons asking you to upgrade to Twitter Blue.

Thanks for reading!

Written By: Max Kulik