My Home-Lab | Update 1

My Home-Lab | Update 1


I use my server to host some of my movies, game servers, and websites. I will be going over some of the current hardware that will be going into the machine and some of the future plans. I am looking for some feedback on my storage structure plans and the build overall.

I have been using Proxmox for almost 10 years now and I started with used old hardware and I have finally retired all of my old nodes for this new server. The last 2 that I had built were based on bulldozer architecture.


Mobo: ASUS X99-A II

CPU: XEON E5-2697AV4 16 cores/3.6GHz Boost

RAM: 4x Kingston KVR24E17D8 16GB/ECC

GPU: GTX 1060 (maybe video encode for plex?)

Boot Drive: 1TB SK Hynix NVME drive (No RAID)

VM Storage: 3x 1TB SK Hynix SSD (RAIDZ on Proxmox)

NIC: TRENDnet 2.5 gigabit (Will be used by VM’s)

NIC: Chelsio T420-BT Dural 10 Gigabit (Passthorugh for pfSence)

HBA: Dell H200 SAS

NAS Storage: HBA w/4x 4TB HDDs on a RAIDZ vdev - I plan on using this for NAS storage. The HBA will be forwarded to a TrueNAS VM.

HomeLab Image 2

HomeLab Image 3

I will be looking into finding a new case soon. This case was used from one of my old servers and I need to find something that has more HDD bays. If I can’t find a decent tower case I may end up rack mounting my system.

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Written By: Max Kulik